The clean solution

Quality, trust and fairness

MEIKO takes its direction from its values, not its stats. Our values – quality, trust and fairness – mean we are a close-knit family in the MEIKO Group and have strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, too. That is how we measure good business.

Value point the way to success

Every company is shaped by its own culture – it makes a huge difference. At MEIKO, we insist on quality and innovation: in our technological solutions, our service and our relationships both inside and outside the company. When we say ‘clean solutions,’ we don't just mean the performance of our technology. We also mean our transparent and reliable communication with one another. We want clean employer-employee relationships and we want to be a fair business partner. Our values are our guiding light – we are all guided by them, from the trainee to the CEO. You can hold us to that promise.

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