The clean solution

The alternative to disposable items: MEIKO washes reusable cups

The figures are dizzying: Berlin alone sees 170 million disposable cups handed to customers every year – that is 22,000 per hour. From 2021, an EU directive will ban the use of certain plastic disposable items. Clever and environmentally conscious caterers have long been on the case and have been providing reusable cups at festivals and events. And MEIKO has already developed the right warewashing technology.

The challenge with reusable cups is this: they have to be hygienically clean AND dry immediately, ready to use again with zero wait time. MEIKO has the clean solution! We shake the cups to dry them – no method is cleaner or quicker. Not to mention that these cups can be made of several different materials: plastic, ceramic or recyclable materials like bamboo. MEIKO is prepared for everything and ready to adapt. And we're mobile! Just like this M-iQ dishwashing machine on a lorry.

M-iQ mobile – on a lorry

The smart solution for festivals is something like the mobile M-iQ. This strategy for washing reusable cups is already tried and tested. MEIKO's message to all caterers, restaurateurs and event managers is clear: be a ‘cup champion’ with MEIKO
and help us advance sustainable solutions.
A clear competitive advantage.