The clean solution

Clean solutions – our element

People feel the elementary need for cleanliness and hygiene every day. Part of that is about hygiene, of course, and avoiding infection. But it is also about wellbeing, aesthetics and beauty. Clean dishes, sparkling cutlery and a well laid table – that is an improvement in quality of life. That is the world MEIKO lives in.

MEIKO makes clean solutions – our tools are the power of our ideas, 90 years' of experience and the purity of water.

And how will you know it is a clean solution by MEIKO?
Simple: its holistic approach. You won't just get a machine from us. You get comprehensive planning and consultation. That way, you know how everything fits together and how to calculate your investment over the years. You also get our after-sales service so you can be sure that your MEIKO machine will run. And smoothly.

Many segments – huge synergies

At MEIKO, we know well the challenges faced in individual industries and sectors: the needs which must be met in the dishwashing area of a restaurant are very different to the requirements of a certified patient kitchen in a hospital. Cruise ships have different needs to airports and caterers. MEIKO is at home in every one of these sectors and the best part is that customers in all segments can benefit from MEIKO's 360° expertise. That is how we create unique synergies – made by MEIKO.