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    Gold for the BlueFire

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    Gold for the BlueFire

    MEIKO M-iQ BlueFire takes gold in cooking awards

    What's even more important than an industry award? "That's easy: customers who love our machines!" says Lars Urban, managing director of Meiko Deutschland GmbH, which specialises in hygiene technology and food waste treatment systems. Fortunately, the news that Meiko had won gold in the 2023 edition of a prestigious trade magazine's cooking awards combined the best of both worlds: "We basically won it thanks to our customers. They were the ones who voted for Meiko in the competition run by the trade journal "Cooking+Catering inside" – and it was them who ranked our Meiko M-iQ BlueFire in the top spot!"

    To create the M-iQ BlueFire, Meiko engineers combined the two machines traditionally used to wash dishes, cutlery and trays into a single multi-lane machine. According to Urban, this encourages customers to make smarter use of small spaces: "What they end up with is a machine that has a much higher throughput and works much more efficiently than two separate machines. Plus, at the end of each day, you only have one machine to clean." This innovative, DIN-compliant system provides a three-lane solution for getting dishes, cutlery and trays hygienically clean in a single machine. In the case of trays, the machine's specifications actually exceed the DIN standards with over two minutes of contact time and outstanding drying results.

    The M-iQ BlueFire also features a high degree of automation: trays and cutlery are fed into the machine automatically, with an impressive maximum capacity of 25 trays a minute. Cutlery is also demagnetised before washing to ensure better cleaning and drying results. Dishes are placed manually into the extra-wide dish track, which has been designed with ergonomics in mind to make life easier for kitchen staff.

    "At a time of soaring energy costs, this machine offers customers an opportunity to make real savings," says Urban. It also addresses issues such as staff shortages, reliable hygiene and space constraints, he adds: "The M-iQ BlueFire features a high degree of automation, which makes work easier and reduces the number of staff you need overall." What's more, the M-iQ BlueFire is designed to be less noisy and release less vapour into the room, as well as eliminating the need for staff to be constantly on the move. All in all, it marks a major improvement in warewashing, as you would expect from an innovative solution provider like MEIKO.

    By winning gold in these latest cooking awards, the Meiko M-iQ BlueFire has clearly demonstrated that it is one of the most popular kitchen products of 2023 among the professional chefs surveyed by the trade journal.