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The encouraging figures for the hotel and restaurant industry published by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) in its spring report have also given a boost to the latest product innovation from Meiko. “Sales of our new UPster range of machines have got off to a fantastic start,” says Michael Mayer, sales director for dishwashing systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the Offenburg-based machine maker. “The hotel and restaurant trades are in a buoyant mood, with many businesses planning to hire new staff and also make new capital investments. Our UPster rangeis perfectly placed to benefit from this positive shift, because it offers people the quality of a premium manufacturer at a price that even first-time customers can afford,” Mayer adds.

The UPster range of professional dishwashing machines was only introduced last autumn, but it has already been praised for its price and its proven Meiko quality standards. It includes undercounter, hood type and rack type dishwashing machines. This latter format offers particularly impressive benefits to customers: “The beauty of this rack type machine is that it doesn’t require an air extraction system,” says Mayer. This eliminates the cost of the separate exhaust air connection which would otherwise be required, he explains, adding: “We know that the industry has been holding back on making investments for a long time. For people who need a new dishwashing system but don’t want to renovate their entire kitchen, one way out of this dilemma is to use Meiko’s innovative technology which can be easily adapted to their existing kitchen architecture. That takes the emphasis off expensive changes to existing facilities and gives more scope for finding the right solution.”

UPster machines also cater to the needs of the people who operate them. With their intuitive operating concept based on the colour blue, they couldn't be much more user-friendly. Everything blue can be safely touched and easily removed for cleaning – for example the screen and wash arms. The ergonomic glass display panel hugely improves the interaction between humans and the machine by offering clear, intuitive user guidance. Once again, all the functions that are relevant at a specific point in time are highlighted in blue.

Rapid installation is another benefit which Meiko offers in this fast-paced industry – perfect for people who like to make decisions quickly! The machine can be delivered in just five days thanks to its modular design: “It means we can personalise the machines without slowing the process down,” says Mayer. That’s one reason why the UPster K rack type machines recently received a Top Hotel Star Award in the “Flexibility” category.

Just like all Meiko’s other products, the UPster range of machines also focuses heavily on economical, eco-friendly operation. One example is the machines' heat recovery technology. This saves energy and protects the

environment, as well as helping to minimise the operator’s running costs.


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