The clean solution


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More than 90 years ago, Oskar Meier and Franz Konrad set themselves a goal: use clever technology to make the world a little bit cleaner. They founded MEIKO. Clean solutions – that is what MEIKO engineers have been working on for nine decades, with passion, care and great success. A clean solution must always be a sustainable solution. That applies to the impact of cleaning, disinfection and warewashing technology on our land, water and air. Warewashing technology is one of the most resource-efficient forms of technology in the world. The last 30 years have seen constant innovation, meaning today's MEIKO machines use 70% less water and 30% less energy than their predecessors 30 years ago.   


The technology in our award-winning flight-type machine, the M-iQ, alone is responsible for saving approx. 12,300,000 m³ of water per year. That is enough to provide free water to a city with a population of 250,000 for a whole year. It's a similar story when it comes to energy. Energy savings are calculated at around 1,900,000 MWh annually. Enough to power Hamburg. And what about chemicals? The savings here are huge, too: 99,000 tonnes of chemicals which do not need to be produced or disposed of in the drainage system each year.


Sustainability does not just apply to the environment, though. The work must also be sustainable for operators' bodies. For this reason, MEIKO focuses on ergonomics as early as the machine development phase. Our multi-award winning hood type dishwashing machine, the M-iClean H, is an ideal example of this: the intelligent wash process and reliable automatic hood system save time and money while also protecting staff health. As if that were not enough, it is also inclusive, having created several roles in the general job market which can be filled by disabled staff.


Then, MEIKO GREEN Waste Solutions ensures food and kitchen waste is not actually wasted. MEIKO provides tailored, clean and sustainable solutions to turn food waste into power and feed that power back into the energy cycle. After all, waste can be a valuable resource. As an added bonus, these products also optimise workflows and significantly improve hygiene.


Of course, our corporate philosophy of clean solutions also extends to our fleet of vehicles, into which we are now acquiring electric vehicles. Plug in and go is the future – and one more step towards our goal of a cleaner world.