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Industrial Mechanic (m/f)

An Instinctive Flair for Metal

How extraordinary that one hundredth of a millimetre can make all the difference! Working as an industrial mechanic is a challenge on both a human and technological level, with precision manual skills and innovative technology going hand-in-hand. Having a good eye and a sure hand is the key skill that makes this profession so varied and fascinating. MEIKO offers the perfect working environment with modern machinery and equipment in our apprentices' workshop, interactive learning programmes and joint activities to help build relationships and foster teamwork.

What we're looking for:

Good manual skills, an inquisitive mind and a keen interest in technical details. Having enjoyed maths, physics and team projects at school you have developed good communication skills, enjoy working meticulously on challenging tasks and take pride in getting things right.

You will have already completed your general certificate of secondary education or studied metal working at vocational college.

How your apprenticeship is organised (3.5 years):

  • Basic concepts and principles of metal working (9 months)
  • Specialist training and intensive preparation for exams
  • Individual and group projects to consolidate the learning process

Together we will discover your personal and professional strengths and develop them further. On this path, respectful and reliable interaction is the cornerstone at MEIKO in order to create quality as a strong team. Always innovative and always sustainable. I'm Daniel Pabst and I look forward to meeting you.

Daniel Pabst,
Mechanics trainer

Opportunities for further qualifications:

  • Master/Foreman

  • Technician 

  • Bachelor Professional (CCI) qualification in Technical Management (Technischer Fachwirt)

  • Engineer

Where can I go from here?

If you are keen to continue after the course, you have lots of choices, including obtaining further qualifications as a technician or foreman, studying for a Bachelor Professional (CCI) qualification in Technical Management (Technischer Fachwirt), or taking a degree in engineering in a variety of disciplines.


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