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Industrial electrician

Electrical energy is the basis of modern production – without electricity the lights in our cities would quite literally go out from one day to the next. At MEIKO, you'll be expected to be a bright spark who provides plenty of energy! As an industrial electrician you will take on a number of tasks, from installing systems to checking and verifying them. You will also be checking that our machines are in proper working order and elaborating new, efficient solutions as part of a team.

What we're looking for:

Good manual skills, an inquisitive mind and a keen interest in technical details. Having enjoyed maths, physics and team projects at school you have developed into a good communicator and active team player, plus you are conscientious and enjoy working meticulously on challenging tasks.

You will have completed your general certificate of secondary education or studied electrical engineering at a vocational college.

How your apprenticeship is organised (2 years):

  • Basic concepts and principles of electrical engineering (12 months)
  • Specialist training and intensive preparation for exams
  • Individual and group projects to consolidate the learning process
Electrical engineering trainer

Hi, I’m Michael Müller. I’ll be around to support and assist you during your apprenticeship here at MEIKO. I’m really looking forward to it. Make sure you take advantage of my experience as a trainer by asking me any questions you might have. I’m happy to have a chat whenever you like. That’s because at MEIKO we understand what working together really means – we see people as people, not just job descriptions. We want you to learn and feel at home. I think you’ll enjoy it here!

Michael Müller,
Electrical engineering trainer

Where can I go from here?

If you are keen to continue after the course, you can choose between obtaining further qualifications as an electronics technician or foreman, studying for a Bachelor Professional qualification in the technical arena, or taking a degree in engineering in a variety of disciplines.


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