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    Meiko Energy Check Maintenance package for health care sector can save energy

    The current energy crisis poses a major challenge to both businesses and consumers, all of whom are now seeking ways to reduce energy consumption. Based in Offenburg, Germany, Meiko specialises in clean, hygienic solutions – and it is determined to be part of the solution. In response to the current crisis, Meiko has already developped an energy check maintenance package that can bring significant energy savings to Meiko customers.

    Dr. Ing. Thomas Peukert, CEO of the Meiko Group, explains the thinking behind this new service: "The situation is serious. We need to support our customers and help them to configure their machines in ways that reduce energy bills without sacrificing proper hygiene. Our optimisation concept can also help reduce the consumption of other resources, such as water."

    Hospitals and care homes are once again at the centre of the latest crisis. The combination of rapidly escalating costs, general inflation and staff shortages are pushing many of these businesses to the edge. So Meiko's new concept comes at exactly the right time – because lower energy consumption means lower operating costs. It also boosts sustainability and helps operators meet their own sustainability goals.

    Klaus-Peter Karnstedt, managing director of MEIKO Deutschland GmbH, says the savings could be significant: " Good savings potentials are possible for our customers and we achieve these by ensuring the machine uses the correct amount of rinse water, the right tank temperatures, or the exhaust air. Machines that haven't been serviced for a long time should be properly recalibrated. Replacing scaled-up heating elements in wash tanks is also helpful, as are efforts to re-train kitchen staff."

    Thomas Peukert adds: "Our customers not only receive an all-round energy check. After the energy check has been carried out, customers receive their proof of sustainability in the form of a certificate and a seal confirming the energy optimisation."

    MEIKO is a sustainable company, but also wants to support its contribution to the customer, sustainability and the overall social effort to save energy wherever possible.