The clean solution

Technical Product Designer (m/f)

The World of Form and Function

What does a modern dishwasher look like? How can you design technical solutions to make them genuinely user-friendly? These are the kinds of fascinating questions that confront technical product designers. The job involves using innovative 3D software to design individual components and assemblies while dovetailing design specifications and customer requirements with technical feasibility. Never a dull moment!

What we're looking for:

Good spatial awareness and calculation skills, an inquisitive mind and a knack for logical thinking, enthusiasm for creating things coupled with technical understanding. You should have proactive teamwork and communication skills. You will have completed your general certificate of secondary education having achieved particular success in mathematics and physics and you will already have completed an internship in the field of product design.

How your apprenticeship is organised (3.5 years):

  • Basic concepts and principles of metal working in the workshop
  • Comprehensive training in 3D design and CAD
  • Learning and working your way through all the design departments plus production, operations scheduling, programming and quality assurance.
  • Individual and group projects in design, development and planning to consolidate the learning process

Hi, I'm Bernd Kunzelmann. I'll provide you with the support you need during your apprenticeship at MEIKO. I'm passionate about product creation, design and technical drawing and I hope to transmit as much of my knowledge and enthusiasm in those areas to you as possible. As well as focusing on specialist expertise and manual skills, I also emphasise MEIKO's values and sense of teamwork. My goal is to help you feel right at home at MEIKO and to help you develop into proactive people who like and value their job and their company. Welcome!

Bernd Kunzelmann,
Engineering trainer

Where can I go from here?

If you are keen to continue after the course, you have various choices: These include further qualifications as a technician or continuing advanced studies in engineering (Bachelor of Engineering specializing in mechanical engineering).


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